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Personal growth and the pursuit for a creative career have both influenced the choice to continue my artistic education.
A dedication for art through digital media has always remained active, having an authentic commitment towards completing an art foundation course through the Alberta College of Art & Design and gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts.
Junior high brought the opportunity for me to attend art and web design courses, from elementary I was influenced heavily by the performance arts. Up until senior high school where a new interest sparked for computer animation.

My favorite artists range anywhere from the twisted humor of graphic-novel artist Jhonen Vasquez, surreal fantasy artist Roger Dean, lucrative t-shirt cartoonist Ed Roth, to animators Ryan Larkin and Tim Burton. Always studying their artwork and researching new techniques, while along the way etching a personal style and an identity for myself.

Looking for a challenge, I decided to find new materials and chemicals to play with. Bleach painting was my next exploration, practicing by customizing my own clothes. Since then have been doing commissions on an individual basis with an understanding of adobe software, traditional animation, clothing design, and screen printing, with each shirt creating its own colour based on the material ratio I find this rather enjoyable. By attending Alberta College of Art & Design, I hope to contribute to my local art community and grow as an aspiring artist, wherever that direction may take me.

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Avalibilty: Freelance/Full-Time
Age: 22 years old
Company: Aarrow Advertising Canada
Location: Calgary, AB Canada
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Personal Information:
My Interests:
Drawing, Painting, Skateboarding, Drumming, Game Development, Entrepreneuralism
Favorite Music:
System of a Down, Pendulum, The Aquabats, Ministry, Skindred
Favorite Series:
Earthworm Jim, Cowboy Bebop, The Tick, Gantz, Berserk, Invader Zim, JTHM,
Favorite Artists:
Jhonen Vasqueze, Tim Burton, Stephan Bucher, Roger Dean,
Ralph Steadman, Alex Pardee
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